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What is a good age to begin karate training?

You can begin training at almost any age. Karate training for kids can begin at age 4. The average age being 10. On the other end, we currently have students age 6o plus who enjoy their karate training. Most people believe karate is for kids. We advocate karate and self-defense is for everyone. Get your spot.

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Group karate classes, Are they for me?

Our group classes covering subjects on Karate principles, Self defense, fitness, and nutrition. Personal training is available when you schedule a private lesson if you want individualized training. Ready to begin your martial arts journey? We are excited for you and to be part of your journey. Let’s walk the path together.

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I want to train in karate and self defense with my children, is that ok?

No problem, we have two specially designed classes (Mondays and Fridays), which allows families to enjoy the martial arts together. You can also attend our adult classes for an age-appropriate perspective as it relates to the reality for adults today. See our schedule or Get started, grab your spot, first 3 classes on us because we are confident you’re going to love what you find.

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I don’t have any experience, Can I join your self-defense class?

The short answer is absolutely. So if that’s enough for you, get in touch. We will schedule your orientation class. Our material is set up as a rotating curriculum. Our lessons are effective for women wanting to learn self-defense as much as men. Instruction covers basics and advanced techniques/applications. Advance work will be added as you gain more experience and confidence. Belt testing is based on your ability and understanding of the material.

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I am visiting from… Can I attend your self defense or karate class while I’m in Utica?

You are welcome to come and train. Respect for all styles is expected. Some folks have wondered Karate vs Taekwondo, which is better? Well that all depends on the student. They are both great for the ends they teach. The style of training is more or less guiding you down a path, the student needs to apply it properly to find victory. Can a book on business ensure you are successful? Get my point?

If you have any special requirements please let Sensei know before the lesson. You can contact us via email. It can be challenging to continue your martial arts training when you are on the road or away from home if you enjoy the Dojo atmosphere. To keep your self-protection skills sharp it’s always a good idea to train regularly with others.

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What's the meaing of karate belts

What do all the colored belts mean?

In Karate as in most martial arts, there are many levels and these are divided into teacher (dan) and student (kyu) grades. Belts are used visually to distinguish between the different grades, the dan grades all wear black belts. Your first grading will be for 10th kyu (or beginner) and from there the kyu grades count down, so the highest kyu grade is 1st kyu, after which you will be ready to go for your black belt (or 1st dan). The dan grades then increase so after 1st dan your next grade is 2nd dan, then 3rd dan and so on. Karate vs Taekwondo who has the most levels? Stop in and find out.