Utica Karate
Beyond sport, Lessons for a Lifetime!
It’s Not Just a sport to Us.
Utica Karate offers classes on karate and self-defense to kids, teens, and adults in Central New York. 
Since 1980 North American Goju Karate, the foundation of Utica Karate’s teachings. People of all ages and backgrounds have trained to use karate and self-defense when confronted with physical or mental aggression. Your lessons will improve your self-esteem, confidence, state of mind and improve your self-image.   The only school in Utica teaching Goju Ryu and Aikijutsu concepts. Wing Chun, Taekwondo and Judo concepts will also be found in our system. Karate is beyond sport, it’s lessons for a lifetime…

Lil Dragons/Jr Dragons
Class designed for the youngest students. Age appropriate lessons that help get them started on their martial arts journey. Ages 5- 7 learn self control, respect and goal setting.
Adults / Teens / Kids
 Classes are setup to help you learn at any age and still be realistic for the individual. Training must be practical but also have your personal goals in mind to ensure long term success 
Great place and knowledgeable instructors. The best martial arts school in Utica.
Sandro Sehic

Thanks Sensei Rosa for a wonderful Girls Scout Field Trip. The girls had a blast learning something new and thanks for helping us build better self esteem in our young girls! You have a fantastic program.

Amanda Iffilger
Class Schedule


Personal TrainingOrientation Class


Kids 6:15pmAdults / Teens 7:10pm


Lil Dragons  Closed
New Class in Spring
Personal Training


Kids 6:15pmAdults / Teens 7:10pm


Self Defense / Kata 6:15pmPersonal Training 7pm
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“My passion is to share karate and self-defense with as many people as possible so they can gain the same benefits I have from my training. Families and students say how happy they are, They decided to train with us – Sensei Rosa